ColourSpace – Prahan Opportunity

Some selected works for consideration. the works shown below are a sample of what is available. All sculptures use recycled materials (primary from electronic devices).  this theme might work well with the reuse of the space for coworking activities.


(approximately 1 m long – these are substantial works that would do well on a  feature or brick wall)

The fly

A example of a early concept work using recycled materials


Small works

These are relatively small – where designed for a set of alcoves – there are currently silver but can be any colour (within reason)



This is a profile mask series – appliance white – very effective on white walls

Approximately 500 x 500mm


This is a sample of about 10-12 totems – looked great in a window space


Note: these are now black but might be put back to red (that will need some time)



Works on board

An early work of a simple design on a board