I am an artist with an unusual pathway to the creative. I grew up in Papua New Guinea (PNG) with some 17 years immersed in the Melanesian aesthetic and islander artistic traditions. This aesthetic, what I loosely call representative symbolism, has had a profound effect on my practice. I draw on this experience in much of my work. I undertake private commissions and actively seek to exhibit my work in public spaces.

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You need:

  • a medium density fiberboard
  • hands (store dummy’s are cool)
  • nails (various)
  • nuts and bolts (various)
  • bits of metal things that look interesting (various)
  • chain
  • liquid nails (construction glue)

Gets you to this with a bit of paint…..

Cyber Punk Fossil - 001
Cyber Punk Fossil – 001
Times 9 Series Example
A Teaser of what’s to come – the Times 9 Series

A teaser of a new form – or a return to a older one that is recast for a new time.  back to Black….a new series that will explore moved using a 9 panel construction of images (Times 9 series)